Gain control of your software

Silverthread helps software leaders improve cost of ownership, reduce cyber-risk, and gain control of complex software portfolios.

Silverthread helps business leaders

Steer project outcomes

Steer portfolio investments

Steer contracts & acquisitions

Silverthread helps software leaders

Diagnose design quality hotspots

Quantify technical debt

Accelerate lean transformation

Carliss Baldwin's Book

Research foundations and thought leadership

The basis of Design Structure Matrices (DSMs) and correlation of design quality with software economics is thoroughly explained in this seminal book.

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Walker Royce's Books

Practice leadership and field application

Transforming from engineering governance to economic governance and the foundations of a steering mindset for software leadership based on meaningful software measurement is well-explained in these two popular text books.

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Technical presentations and case studies

Multi-media presentations that explain the foundations, usage models and case studies of measuring complexity, visualizing design quality and improving software economics.

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New technical paper by Alan MacCormack and Dan Sturtevant

One critical priority in improved economic outcomes of software based systems is an understanding of technical debt and the role that design quality plays in managing and decision making.

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Usage models for breakthrough improvements

This series of provocative two-page position papers covers a range of usage models that illuminate the value of quantifying design quality to achieve more honest measurement.

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You need an Agile Architecture

IEEE Software Magazine article by Dan

If you simply use agile processes in a nonagile product architecture, you’ll get faster at delivering non-value. Architecture will become the biggest bottleneck to your DevOps transformation. You need a balanced focus on agile process and agile architecture.

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