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CodeMRI Health Diagnostics

Healthy software systems can adapt easily and efficiently. The ‘design health’ of a software codebase directly influences the long-term ‘cost of ownership’ and risk in that codebase. When design health degrades, software development becomes slow, costly, and risky. Silverthread’s CodeMRI Health Diagnostics give you deep insights into your system’s design health and the likely ‘cost of ownership’ and the resulting risk-related consequences. These diagnostics help your technical, project, and executive leadership connect the dots between waste & project overruns and the underlying technical root-causes hindering developer agility & maintainability. CodeMRI Health Diagnostics can also be used to help you gain insight into 3rd party code, assess the risks of adoption, rapidly target the most challenged parts of a codebase, and facilitate conversations about challenges in an unfamiliar system. Silverthread’s CodeMRI technology allows you to capture architectural health metrics (such as modularity, cyclicality, and complexity) from a codebase, create visualizations, benchmark against thousands of comparable systems, and identify design degradation. CodeMRI also uses predictive analytics to model the impact of your design health and make predictions about agility, maintainability, developer productivity, defect density, cost, schedule, downstream risk, and time wasted on excess rework. CodeMRI Health Diagnostics benefits both technical and non-technical teams by enabling engineers to drill down on quality challenges, managers to understand delivery challenges, and both to communicate and address critical issues. As a result, you can make better strategic decisions and build the business case for change. Whether you are a business or technical leader working on a single project or an entire portfolio, you can more confidently decide when to refactor, when to rewrite, when to adopt a technology, when to avoid one, and how to move forward by using the objective and data driven approach of CodeMRI Health Diagnostics.

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CodeMRI Portfolio

In addition to supporting individual projects or programs, Silverthread can help you with a portfolio, enterprise architecture, or ‘system of systems’ perspective. CodeMRI Portfolio Assessment and Guidance apply to organizations requiring support that spans multiple individual programs.

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CodeMRI Analytics

Gaining insight into design health and understanding its economic consequences can help you make better strategic and managerial decisions. Silverthread can help you evaluate and decide upon courses of action. Once your team has had the opportunity to explore CodeMRI Health Diagnostics (delivered under ST-L-0001), Silverthread analysts can work with you to answer specific questions that come to mind. Silverthread can work with you by exploring data using our CodeMRI engine. We will produce custom reports, analysis and data at your direction.

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CodeMRI Platform

If you have decided to focus on Design Health within your software development organization, Silverthread can provide tools with continuous real-time insight. Instead of providing CodeMRI Health Diagnostics, Silverthread offers a licensed tool so that you can generate diagnostics for your codebase as required. You can run CodeMRI technology on a standalone machine or be configured to be run inside a continuous integration environment. In addition to CodeMRI Health Diagnostics capabilities, Silverthread’s CodeMRI Platform package also includes tools aimed at developers, which help them understand their codebase in order to confidently improve it, prevent the introduction of design problems, and manage a software architecture over time. A license for this technology gives usage rights to the entire program or organization developing and managing a codebase.
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CodeMRI Workshops

Silverthread’s 1- or 2-day executive workshops educate your team on the benefits, principles, and practices of software architecture, agility and design health. Silverthread will help your team explore these principles and practices within the context of your system by teaching the underlying principles, how to interpret CodeMRI Health Diagnostics, and how to use the insights and information to drive change and continuous improvement. The workshops are aimed at executives, program/project managers, technology leaders, system engineers, and software engineers.

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