CodeMRI Tools & Technologies

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CodeMRI® helps business and technology leaders collaborate on strategic efforts to improve business outcomes.  Our patent-pending technologies enable effective steering by illuminating relationships between an engineering organization’s economic performance and the health of the complex codebase it develops.

Our team’s 15 years of joint MIT Engineering and Harvard Business School R&D led us to found Silverthread to make CodeMRI® technologies available for enterprise and government use.

Design quality assessment

Allows leaders to explore a system in depth, assess code and design quality within a specific system, identify problem areas or design anti-patterns, measure KPIs, and benchmark.  Rapidly get up to speed on unfamiliar system to facilitate useful conversations with an offeror about challenges.

Project outcomes and risk assessment

Allow leaders to explore agility, maintainability, cost, and challenges teams face during development or sustainment of a codebase, as well as defect, safety, and cyber-resilience risk in fielded systems.


Portfolio health and management

Allow leaders to explore system health and software economics across a large portfolio, monitor trends, and know where limited attention is needed.  Compare against external benchmarks, see high-level summaries and implications related to program schedule, cost, waste, and risks in fielded systems.

Refactoring ROI & business cases

Allow leaders to explore the economics and risk associated with an existing system, create financial models projecting the financial value that might be captured with a successful refactoring or rewrite.  Enable objective ROI based decision-making for long-term system health.

Design integrity measurement and refactoring support

Allow leaders to see structural differences between the design they want and the codebase they may have.  Tools to enable refactoring to improve design quality.  Tools give real-time information to prevent design quality challenges from happening in new systems.  Enable cloud and platform transitions.

Software outcome based KPIs & standards

Allow leaders to statistically analyze relationships between product attributes – such as code quality, design quality, and test quality measures and process outcomes such defect density, development productivity, overruns, and project success.  By measuring relationships, leaders can help their organizations set KPIs and contractor standards, and enable continuous improvement across the enterprise.

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