What We Do

Design quality and design challenges in software

Software runs the world and many codebases are overburdened with complexity.  Architectural degradation leads to malignant change costs, higher defect rates, cyber security vulnerabilities, and non-competitive economic outcomes.


Play defense by measuring complexity more honestly and objectively

We can help you visualize software design quality and quantify architecture stability, improvement or degradation. Silverthread developed this capability from a foundation of over 15 years of MIT and Harvard research.  Like an MRI diagnosing problems in the human body, our CodeMRI tools can access and fix design quality challenges in your codebase, benchmark them with other systems and predict the economic consequences.


Play offense with a more persuasive business case for decision making

Using your system’s design quality measures, Silverthread predictive models make projections about project development productivity, maintainability and defect rates. We can help clients make a more credible business case and understand priorities for change.


We are a catalyst for transformation

Silverthread’s mission is to advance the state of software measurement practice by quantifying complexity and design quality. Our measurement know-how can establish a more trustworthy foundation for improving software economics.


Tired of software headaches?