Our Engagements


Engagement Models

Our typical engagement model with clients range from simple pilot deployments to enterprise-wide licensing engagements.  For more information about right deployment strategy for your organization, please contact us at info@silverthreadinc.com.


Pilot Engagement

Quickly evaluate candidate software systems using Silverthread’s CodeMRI tools to understand and assess the design health of specific systems in advance of a Site or Enterprise Engagement

This includes:

  • Analyze 1-4 software systems using CodeMRI Health Diagnostic tools
  • Predict software economic outcomes with statistical models
  • Gain insight with detailed architecture visualizations
  • Understand design quality – modularity, cyclicality, and complexity
  • Benchmark against industry-comparable software
  • Learn about your results with an executive workshop

Site Engagement

A site license of Silverthread’s CodeMRI assessment tools – deeper engagement intended to provide understanding of design quality and software economic outcomes tailored for a specific site

This includes:

  • Unlimited use of CodeMRI Health Diagnostic tools for strategic assessment
  • Continuously monitor the design health of software codebases
  • Create custom software economic models with your project data
  • Create benchmark baselines within your organization, measure change and improvement
  • Plan software improvement and next steps with advanced “what-if” simulations
  • Silverthread software architects and data-scientists help you explore issues and plan strategic initiatives

Enterprise Engagement

An enterprise-wide license of Silverthread’s CodeMRI assessment and fixing tools – steer towards improved software health and better long-term business & economic outcomes

This includes:

  • Unlimited use of CodeMRI Health Diagnostic tools for strategic assessment and fixing of key systems
  • Continuously monitor the design health of software codebases
  • Gain portfolio view of all software systems
  • Execute software improvement with targeted visualizations, refactoring aides
  • Real-time detection and fixing of design quality problems
  • Access to Silverthread experts, training and integration support

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