Use Cases

Silverthread solutions provide powerful insight for business and technical professionals.  Explore how Silverthread’s technology can help your organization.

For Business Leaders

Steer project outcomes

Silverthread provides breakthrough insight for steering software development and maintenance. Our technologies help managers re-gain control of schedule and cost without micromanaging technology details or wasteful process overhead.

Steer portfolio investments

Silverthread gives you rapid insight into software quality and financial outcomes across the organization. Our technologies help you optimize resources, focus on risk areas and pull the trigger on a software refactor or rewrite.

Steer contracts & acquisitions

Silverthread helps software buyers and vendors communicate and collaborate in an honest way. Our technologies give both parties the ability to understand joint challenges, create lasting agreements, and eliminate spin and gaming.

For Technology Leaders

Diagnose design quality hotspots

Silverthread helps software experts see hidden and unintentional complexity that causes waste and overhead. Our technologies identify architectural impurities early and consistently, and enable more confident refactoring.

Quantify technical debt

Silverthread helps technology leaders assess architecture degradation, quantify technical debt in financial terms. Our technologies give engineers the ability to communicate codebase health and make ROI-based business cases for improvement.

Accelerate lean transformation

Silverthread helps process experts enhance team productivity and eliminate risk & waste. Our technologies give managers the ability to drive durable business agility by focusing on ‘product agility’ – A root cause of project outcomes.

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