Technical Intern (Software)

Silverthread is seeking a Technical Intern (Software) to work with our main development team in Reno, Nevada.


  • Work with development team to enhance Silverthread’s graphical product offerings

  • Apply modern testing frameworks in a continuous integration environment to improve test coverage of Silverthread’s products

  • Participate in daily standup meetings

Silverthread’s data pipeline includes a CEF GUI, data adaptation and analysis in Python, a web portal for client access, cloud services on AWS, and report generation for customers.


Required Skills

  • Knowledge of multiprocessing/multithreading

  • Experience with cross-platform development

  • Experience with testing frameworks

  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

  • Excellent analytic and creative thinking skills


Desired Skills

  • Git

  • Python

  • JavaScript – ES6 is a plus

  • CSS/HTML5 – an eye for design is a plus

  • Angular/React/other web client MVC – currently using Angular

  • Django/Flask/other python web server MVC

  • Amazon Web Services (S3, EC2)

  • Mac/Linux experience

  • Atlassian product experience (Jira/Confluence/Bitbucket/Hipchat)

  • Familiarity with Agile development processes (sprints/retrospectives)

  • CEF/PyQt experience

  • Microsoft Installer (msi) development

  • Microsoft Excel




We are a small, growing development team based in Reno. Some days we design, plan, and discuss as a group. Other days, we’ll put on some music and focus on writing great code. Teamwork is a major part of our day-to-day.


Hand-in-hand with teamwork, our developers need to be able to communicate their ideas in person and in print.


Desire to learn
Silverthread is creating tech to solve problems that haven’t been solved before. Using tech born from over a decade of research at MIT, we’re constantly expanding our capabilities as a company, as a team, and as individuals. A developer with a desire to grow as they work will flourish here.


Future focused
We know all the code we write will be maintained and re-used for several years. Our integration-first, testing-focused development cycle is all about making future development a breeze. As our CEO says, “go slow so we can go fast.”


Design Intuition
The ideal candidate will have the ability to understand how the end user is going to use our tools and reports. We aim to delight our customers and stress an intuitive, easy to learn interface.


Job Location

Reno, Nevada, United States of America


Position Type

Full time, paid internship


How to Respond

Email resumes and cover letters to