Improve Quality & Performance

Management Consulting Value-Add
Expand consulting capabilities beyond software processes and people by gaining unparalleled insight into the software asset health – where the root-causes of budget-overruns, quality challenges and schedule delays often live.

Restore Software Quality
Pinpoint sources of technical debt, estimate financial ROI and technical feasibility, and guide developers with step-by-step refactoring recipes to restore and improve software quality.

Improve Developer Productivity
Restore technical health of a software system to make it easier for developers to work in – reducing on-boarding-time for new employees, improving existing developers’ agility, and keeping projects on-schedule.

Get Projects Back on Track
Pinpoint technical debt and employ a remediation plan as rapidly as possible to steer projects back on quality, schedule and budget measures.

Improve Cloud-Readiness
Prepare software for cloud migration by optimizing modularity and eliminating unnecessary complexity and cyclicality that can prevent a successful migration.

Gain New
Managment Insight

Gain Essential Intelligence to Support Critical Decisions
Silverthread can estimate the cost, schedule, financial ROI and technical feasibility of refactoring a software system to inform key business decisions prior to acquisition, integration, or adoption.

Enhance Cross-Functional Visibility and Planning
Establish a common bridge among executive, financial and technical measures to improve support better decisions and avoid surprises.

Objective, Trusted Insight
Silverthread’s unbiased assessment identifies systems at risk – based on code quality, design quality and economic risk metrics – which are often overlooked or undetected by traditional code quality tools.

Create Trusted Vendor Partnerships
We help software buyers and vendors communicate in an open and honest way by shedding light on potential problem areas upfront to ensure transparency and accountability.  Reallocate outsourcing spend away from poor-quality, high-cost vendors to high-quality vendors who cost less in the long run.

Embrace Software Economics

Optimize Resource Allocation and Spend
Gain visibility into current resource allocation and productivity across a portfolio of software systems, so wasted spend can be reallocated to revenue-generating projects and strategic initiatives.

Build Reliable Business Cases
Silverthread translates technical health into tangible business KPIs – including refactoring ROI and payback forecasts – to facilitate effective discussions between engineering and management rooted in an unbiased assessment.

Reduce Labor Costs
Silverthread’s technical health improvement plan and continuous controls result in reduced spend on fixing bugs, lower labor costs, and overall reduced costs of a software system, keeping projects on track and within budget.

Capture Unbiased M&A / Due Diligence Insights
Silverthread’s unbiased insight is trusted to validate software asset valuations and to identify underlying technical and economic risks which may frustrate adoption or complicate integration of a software asset – in time, expense and technical risk measures.