Aligning software health with business performance goals

Modeling the impact of technical health on business performance.

Silverthread is the market leader in software economics ― helping executives take financial control over complex software assets. Based on 15 years of applied research at MIT and Harvard Business School, the CodeMRI® platform allows organizations to translate software architectural health metrics into quantifiable business impacts. We have helped 100+ global commercial and government institutions gain visibility into their software asset health, and dramatically improve operational and financial outcomes.

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Improve Quality & Performance

Management Consulting Value-Add


Improve Developer Productivity

Improve Cloud-Readiness

Get Projects Back on Track

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Gain New Management Insight

Gain Essential Intelligence to Support Critical Decisions


Enhance Cross-Functional Visibility and Planning


Objective, Trusted Insight

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Embrace Software Economics

Build Reliable Business Cases


Optimize Resource Allocation and Spend

Reduce Labor Costs

What is Software Economics?

For too long, proprietary software has been the backbone of businesses, but a black box to financial executives. ​Silverthread is the universal translator between business KPIs and technical insights. ​Our technology is able to accurately link developer performance and software design to tangible economic returns in cost, revenue, and optionality. 

Our unique CodeMRI® software enables executives to make educated decisions about the future of their software development - providing accurate ROI, scheduling, and optionality estimates. Valuing proprietary software is difficult, and has often been subjective. Silverthread provides a scientific valuation of software and provides the decision making tools to decide next steps - ensuring that your technology is in line with your mission. 

Silverthread Origins


Learn more about the origins of Silverthread and how we can improve software health for economic impact. Thank you to the ILP Institute and STEX25.

The CODEMRI® Platform translates technical health insights into tangible KPIs – and helps you achieve them.



Measure hidden technical debt and quantify economic value across a portfolio, enterprise architecture, or ‘system of systems’.


Our Clients:

Client Success:

Industrial Automation Company


  • Market Leader specialized in vision systems

  • Software releases 1+ years behind schedule

  • At risk of losing revenues and 15 years of market leadership

CodeMRI® Scan Results

  • Identified multiple areas of poor design quality

  • Determined refactoring to be technically and financially feasible


  • Management able to make an educated, ROI-based decision to refactor

  • Steered projects back on-schedule, securing revenues and market position