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Silverthread, Inc Launches Updated Portfolio Dashboard For Comparative Software Metric Tracking

The updated CodeMRI Portfolio Dashboard brings the Portfolio to the web with an all-new user experience and in-depth code change tracking for easier management and resource allocation.

Silverthread, Inc. has announced an update to their CodeMRI Portfolio platform that moves the product to the web, provides an easy to read dashboard of software metrics and update tracking, and tracks resources and employee effort. Silverthread, Inc is a market leader in software economics - the ability to translate technical health metrics into actionable business insights. Silverthread uses machine learning to compare the architectural quality of software with a proprietary database of over 6,000 benchmark systems to compare software performance with market standards and predict the ROI of potential updates.

The updated Portfolio combines important key facts about a suite of software (including total lines of code, language breakdown, and total budget) with aggregated data on software quality change over time. The update links the Portfolio directly with Silverthread’s CodeMRI Diagnostic product, providing a deep dive into single applications for all-in-one software management. Silverthread’s proprietary benchmark system of over 6,000 codebases provides peer benchmarking to contextualize system performance with peer systems.

The CodeMRI Portfolio helps leadership:

  • Monitor refactoring efforts with updates on code quality changes and remediation progress for objective development metrics

  • Understand strengths and weaknesses in potential M&A software by scanning prior to acquisition to understand the locations of structural weak points and estimate the cost of repairs

  • Manage a large portfolio without systems falling through the cracks

  • Quickly find areas in need of improvement and understand the exact locations of architectural breaches to target troubled systems with laser precision

“We listened to our customers and are proud to deliver a solution that meets the unique needs of today’s CIOs, CTOs, and engineering leads. We’ve been the market leader in translating technical health into business metrics - and that science is still there - but we’ve updated the UX and added features so software leaders have the same easy visibility into their software portfolio as they do for their stock portfolio,” says Sean Gilliland, VP of Product Development. “New integration with our Diagnostic product makes it easier to dive deeper into exact problem areas of a codebase or view further insights.”

Silverthread, Inc Launches Updated Portfolio Dashboard For Comparative Software Metric Tracking
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