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Silverthread Awarded $3.6 million Air Force PEO BPA Award

Silverthread, a software health and economics company, was awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) by the Air Force. This Blanket Purchase Agreement is for three years or until the aggregate order value reaches $3,600,000, whichever occurs first. The BPA includes a range of services and solutions offered by Silverthread to support the PEO Battle Management Directorate and other Air Force and Joint Programs in measuring the health of software systems that they procure and maintain. The vehicle was specifically designed to optimize the process for quickly procuring quantitative software design analysis reports and support from Silverthread.

“We are thrilled by the award of this multi-million dollar contract with the US Air Force focused on deploying our CodeMRI platform across mission critical programs,” says Sunny Ahn, VP of Business Development at Silverthread. “Silverthread looks forward to continuing our relationship with the Air Force to help them achieve better quality software.”

Under this contract, various solutions and services are provided including Silverthread’s CodeMRI® Diagnostics, CodeMRI® Portfolio, CodeMRI® Platform Licensing (Care), and workshops. Silverthread provides leading insights into software design health and the resulting economic outcomes at the individual system and portfolio levels to help leaders and developers better understand and make strategic decisions regarding the codebases they maintain and procure.

About Silverthread

Silverthread is the market leader in software economics ― helping executives take financial control over complex software assets. Based on 15 years of applied research at MIT and Harvard Business School ― the CodeMRI® platform allows organizations to translate software architectural health metrics into quantifiable business impacts. We have helped 100+ global commercial and government institutions gain visibility into their software asset health, and dramatically improve operational and financial outcomes. Learn more at

Silverthread is a recipient of Phase I, II, and III SBIR awards.

Silverthread Awarded $3.6 million Air Force PEO BPA Award
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