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Silverthread – the Market Leader in Software Economics

Silverthread is pioneering the new field of “Software Economics” — helping organizations gain reliable financial insight and improve management control over the cost and quality of software portfolios. Based on 15 years of applied research at MIT and Harvard Business School, the CodeMRI® Suite allows source code owners and their agents to objectively assess, improve, control, and evolve software portfolios over time.


Powered by the combination of extensive academic research, experience and technology,  Silverthread is committed to helping organizations drive positive economic results through better software decisions. Silverthread’s CodeMRI® technology offers advanced analytics and controls to improve quality, lower the cost and risk of complex software systems, and free up resources to drive top-line growth. Silverthread’s technologies translate architectural health metrics into financial and strategic KPIs, enabling effective steering by illuminating relationships between an organization’s economic performance and the health of a codebase (or portfolio of codebases) it develops or outsources.

We have helped over 100+ commercial and government clients – saving one client $35 million per year and doubling the developer productivity of another – by helping them gain visibility into their software design quality, quantify risk, understand ‘cost of ownership’ and risk consequences, fix systems, and drive economic results from better software decisions.

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