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Uncover System Health,
Predict Economic Outcomes
with CodeM
RI® Discovery

CodeMRI® Discovery is the ultimate solution for comprehensive software assessment and control. By harnessing its power, you can effortlessly gain valuable insights into your software, redefining software management. With precision tools for optimization and resource allocation, expedite your transformation and improve project outcomes. Elevate your software journey with its cutting-edge capabilities, ensuring a deeper understanding of your software's overall quality.

CodeMRI® Discovery Features:

  • Track portfolio changes effortlessly over time.

  • Assess architectural and technical health across systems.

  • Evaluate economic value with high-level assessments.

  • Holistic 'Heat-map' display for comparative system views.

  • Assess technical health, modularity, cyclicality, and complexity.

  • Predict economic outcomes for precise decision-making.

  • Benchmark against thousands of comparable systems.

  • Estimate ROI and payback periods for refactoring efforts.

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CodeMRI® Discovery is your compass to navigate the intricate landscape of technical debt and economic value. Gain a panoramic view of your portfolio, enterprise architecture, and interconnected systems. Measure the hidden intricacies that shape your software's destiny and unlock opportunities for strategic advancements.



Within the CodeMRI® Discovery toolkit, experience the extraordinary capabilities of CodeMRI® Diagnostics. This component serves as a beacon, illuminating the technical health of individual systems. Explore both the current state and forecasted economic outcomes, empowering you to make informed decisions and proactively steer your software towards optimal performance.

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CodeMRI® Discovery seamlessly combines the strengths of CodeMRI® Portfolio and CodeMRI® Diagnostics to provide a holistic approach to software management. It's not just about understanding the technical intricacies; it's about leveraging this knowledge to drive economic value, optimize resource utilization, and ensure the longevity of your software projects.

Experience the synergy of CodeMRI® Discovery – a dynamic solution that goes beyond diagnostics and portfolio analysis. It's a catalyst for change, propelling your software development endeavors into a realm of unprecedented insight, foresight, and sustainable success. Elevate your software development journey with CodeMRI® Discovery at the helm.

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