Understand the business impact of your software.

What is Software Economics?


For many organizations, software is the engine driving many of today’s products and services. “In short, software is eating the world,” as Marc Andreessen famously stated in 2011.


Yet executives have had little visibility into how software investments have impacted their organization’s bottom line, particularly given limited understanding of the technical health of software.


Software economics provides organizational leaders an objective view into how software investments should be allocated to achieve strategic business goals based on its existing and future technical foundation.


At Silverthread we help create the necessary business case for investment that bridge the gap between business goals and technical insights.  These business goals are centered around three core economic principles: 1) revenue generation, 2) cost reduction and 3) optionality for new businesses.


Improve revenue generation (and capabilities) of existing software programs 


Reduce labor costs required with existing software programs


Develop optionality for new businesses, focused on services, products or solutions


Deep dive technical insights
Machine Learning Predictive Analytics


Business KPIs and increased performance

We Help You

Make Better-informed Development Decisions

Increase Developer

Allocate Your Resources
More Wisely

Improve Release Frequency and Predictability

Deliver Higher Quality,
More Durable Product
at Lower Cost

Improve Accountability and Transparency with your
Vendor Relationships

Our Process

Silverthread's automated design quality tools assess the architectural quality of software. We use machine learning to compare this information with our database of 6,000+ benchmark systems, running the results through our predictive models and statistical controls to find future-facing insight into development efforts. This output is translated into actionable business insight. Silverthread specializes in market-leading ROI estimates and refactoring schedules tailored to your developers and codebase. Our CodeMRI® Care tool provides step-by-step instructions to repair poor design quality in codebases of all sizes. Valuing proprietary software is difficult and has often been subjective. Silverthread provides an objective valuation of software and provides the decision making tools to decide next steps - ensuring your technology is in line with your mission. 

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