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Decoding Architecture, Powering Modernization

The CodeMRI® Suite offers an advanced software solution tailored for a deep understanding of your codebase architecture and seamless modernization. Using sophisticated static and dynamic analysis, it measures technical debt, assesses economic value, and enhances system health. This insight empowers strategic decision-making and resource optimization, laying the foundation for a robust application modernization effort. Unlock agility, scalability, and adaptability for your software evolution with the exceptional power of CodeMRI® Suite.

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CodeMRI® Discovery

Unlock your software's full potential with CodeMRI® Discovery—an advanced suite seamlessly integrating architecture assessment, duplicate code analysis, and system health diagnostics. Measure technical debt and economic value, make informed decisions, and optimize resources for sustainable software success. Prioritizing ease of use, CodeMRI® Discovery transforms software management with precision and efficiency. Embrace the future of optimized software.

CodeMRI® Modernize

Experience code evolution like never before with CodeMRI® Modernize. This cutting-edge solution empowers teams to seamlessly transform large, complex, and legacy systems into modular applications. Unlock agility, scalability, and adaptability for your codebase, ensuring it evolves effortlessly with the dynamic needs of your business. Embrace the future of software development with CodeMRI® Modernize.

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