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The Origins of Silverthread

MIT Industrial Liaison Program

Silverthread CEO and Co-Founder Dan Sturtevant discusses the origins of Silverthread, and company’s roots in measuring the technical health of software systems. 

Saving Time & Money with CodeMRI®

MIT Industrial Liaison Program

Built on 15 years of research at Harvard and MIT, Silverthread statistically connects technical health measures to business outcomes. We couple a deep understanding of the technical health of a software system and the business impact it has, and work to bridge the gap between a technical understanding of what you’re building and the business implications.

Communicating via Agile Architecture

MIT Industrial Liaison Program

Software is a difficult thing to manage inside an organization. We’ve worked with companies to help them make their codebases modular, which effectively establishes architecture agility. A good agile process combined with architectural health makes them actually agile in practice, not just in theory. 

Improving Systems with Comparative Data

MIT Industrial Liaison Program

Software has only been around for 50 years, and no one has figured out how to do it perfectly.  Silverthread has a data vault of 10,000 systems that we can compare a codebase against when we look at its health. We can give our customers a well rounded view on their codebase and where it sits from an industry perspective. 

Risk Management with Silverthread

MIT Industrial Liaison Program

Silverthread has worked across industries, with companies that have complex systems that have the potential to do great good, or great harm if they malfunction. We do a deep technical assessment and then can predict the risk that might be involved with shipping something that can hurt people. Several people have used our assessment to get a better handle on what their risks are, and then used our tools to help them fix their systems to mitigate those risks.

How MIT-ILP Enables Silverthead's Growth

MIT Industrial Liaison Program

There’s a real appetite for people who want to better  understand the health of their codebases and how they impact the economics of their organization. 

Silverthread's Elevator Pitch

MIT Industrial Liaison Program

Silverthread has found that the technical health of growing codebases being developed is a strong driver of the economics within teams. We help executives understand in an unbiased way the health of their systems and the impact it’s having on the economics across the organization.

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