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Silverthread has helped more than 100 global commercial and federal clients gain insight into the technical health and economics of their software assets. Using new technology from 15 years of Harvard and MIT research, we have unprecedented insight into software quality and success.


Our clients span all industries from automotive to healthcare to private equity. Regardless of industry or whether the client develops software in-house, outsources, or is a third-party agent, all customers share a common desire to quantify and improve software asset quality, economics, and risk.

Client Success:

Industrial Automation Company


  • Market Leader specialized in vision systems

  • Software releases 1+ years behind schedule

  • At risk of losing revenues and 15 years of market leadership

CodeMRI® Scan Results

  • Identified multiple areas of poor design quality

  • Determined refactoring to be technically and financially feasible


  • Management able to make an educated, ROI-based decision to refactor

  • Steered projects back on-schedule, securing revenues and market position

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