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Silverthread Releases the Next Generation of CodeMRI® Care

Silverthread released the newest version of CodeMRI® Care, a developer tool that recommends healthy software architectures throughout the development process and identifies improper dependencies in a codebase and walks the developer through the proper steps to fix the identified flaws. The newest release of the CodeMRI® Care offers development teams a more efficient way to modernize legacy codebases and proactively monitor technical health and design quality from inception.

“Silverthread is proud  to announce the release of the newest update to CodeMRI® Care. After harnessing the capabilities of the CodeMRI® Care update, one customer has reported a 3x increase in productivity of their development team.” Said Dan Sturtevant, CEO of Silverthread.

CodeMRI® Care turns technical health data points into actionable metrics and gives developers the opportunity to take initiative on insights gained through the CodeMRI® tool suite. Developers modernizing legacy systems or building new systems can harness the power of CodeMRI® Care to increase their visibility, productivity, and quality of code. Key benefits of using CodeMRI® Care include:

Analysis of Technical Health

  • Complexity

  • Cyclicality

  • Modularity

Analysis of Cost of Ownership

  • Agility

  • Maintainability

  • Cost

Architecture Evolver Developer Tools

  • Visualize the actual codebase architecture and evolve it over time

  • Control architecture using user-defined metrics

  • Command line tools that can run in a build environment

Technical Health Improvement Plan

  • Step-by-step plan of which linkages to cut to disentangle spaghetti code

  • Know which elements provide most impact on technical health

The newest version CodeMRI® Care is available as of today. CodeMRI® Care is part of Silverthread’s CodeMRI® Platform, which also includes CodeMRI® Portfolio and CodeMRI® Diagnostics. For more information on CodeMRI® Care and the rest of the CodeMRI® Platform, visit or contact

Silverthread Releases the Next Generation of CodeMRI® Care
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