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What You Should Consider Before Beginning an Application Modernization Project

There are seven suggested strategies when modernizing an application, especially when working with cloud migration of legacy software. These methods are refactor, replatform, repurchase, rehost, relocate, retain, and retire. All of these options are critically important to application modernization. However, an eighth and most important "R" step is often missed, “review”.

Before beginning a software modernization or platform modernization project, it is crucial to get a baseline and understanding of the software architecture. By estimates, 52 - 74% of all cloud migration projects fail [1]. Leading issues reported for project failure are undefined communication strategies, workload misalignment and unforeseen errors[2]. Making these projects more daunting is the eclectic cast of characters involved in these projects, all with unique goals and agendas. In reality most of these challenges are due to a lack of architectural awareness that a baseline assessment could provide.

Reviewing the architecture of your software ensures all teams have a clear understanding of the task at hand. Spaghetti code, knots or cyclic cores in software libraries must be identified and addressed before turning a monolithic application into microservices. Silverthread's CodeMRI® platform facilitates architectural awareness across all teams. The Silverthread CodeMRI® Suite enables architectural visibility for the cast of stakeholders involved in platform modernization projects. With this knowledge, application modernization and cloud migration project are more likely to succeed.

Project and software managers can audit a heat map dashboard of the health of all modern and legacy applications in their software portfolio. The Silverthread CodeMRI® Suite reports critical KPIs on legacy and modern computer programming languages, ensuring all development teams understand which system areas need to be repaired, rewritten, or removed. Once a clear path to success is mapped, the Silverthread CodeMRI® Suite can be integrated into a CICD tool stack to certify all goals are aligned and on schedule.

Adding the eighth "R" – “review” will accelerate your development time. Silverthread CodeMRI® Suite will allow you to get new and improved applications to market faster with fewer errors. Reduced delivery time will result in lower software development costs. Our patented method will give you visibility not only in your code but also how it is built, tested, integrated and deployed.

About Silverthread:

Silverthread’s unique and systematic approach makes it possible to modernize complex software codebases.

Based on 15 years of applied research at MIT and Harvard Business School, our CodeMRI® Suite of tools and services help your organization turn large, legacy, and monolithic software systems into cleaner modular systems that are agile, easy to understand, enhance, build, test, and deploy. Our approach lets organizations continue normal development in parallel with software application modernization activities. With Silverthread CodeMRI®, software code goes through incremental transformative steps. Issues are identified, fixed, and locked down in priority order – providing incremental business benefits. Ultimately, when using CodeMRI® tools, your code will be easier to test, deploy, and customize. If cloud migration is your goal, a modernized codebase ensures an effortless migration to the cloud. Developers will be more productive and fight fewer fires, which means new capabilities will ship faster using our CodeMRI® Suite of tools.



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